Fine Organics

developmentWe have five fully-equipped Development Laboratories, each fitted with large (2.0 to 2.3 m) fume cupboards and at least one walk-in fume cupboard for larger scale plant mimic equipment.


One laboratory is dedicated to Process Safety testing and is equipped with a Mettler RC1 Calorimeter, ARC, Carius tube, flash point and DSC apparatus.


We also have autoclave/pressure reaction capabilities and a number of automated reactors (Mettler LabMax) and multi-reactors (Argonaut) units as well as Radley’s equipment for process optimisation and development of reaction conditions.


The Development Laboratories are comprehensively equipped with analytical equipment – each having a number of GC and HPLC machines (including (GCMS and LCMS), which allows for rapid analysis and real-time monitoring of reactions.


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