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We are a UK based provider of hazardous liquid waste treatment services by thermal oxidation.

High Temperature Incineration (HTI) at Seal Sands, Middlesbrough UK

Fine chemicals have been manufactured on the Seal Sands site since 1984, with the thermal oxidiser installed in 1989 and operated continuously thereafter for 15 years, until it was mothballed in 2004.

Planning Consent Granted

Planning consent for the thermal oxidation was granted in 1989 on the understanding that the plant would only be used for the treatment of on-site generated wastes. However, this consent has now been broadened to allow treatment of third-party wastes thus providing the commercial justification for re-commissioning the plant under the banner of Fine Environmental Services.

Now Operational

Following a detailed independent study by consulting engineers ABB commissioned in 2010, the plant has undergone a full refurbishment and is now operational. Its consented capacity is 48,000 tonnes/year, meeting all current regulatory standards.

Bran Sands Pipeline for Bio-Treatment

Fine Environmental Services utilises its pipeline connection to Northumbrian Water’s Bran Sands bio-treatment facility to compliment the services to be offered based on thermal oxidation.

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Our Commitment

- to deliver exceptional CHEMISTRY and exceptional value ensuring a great CUSTOMER experience.