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Fine Contract Research provides technical solutions for your synthetic chemistry demands.


Based in state of the art laboratories on the Fine Organics manufacturing site at Seal Sands, Fine Contract Research is ideally placed to investigate and provide solutions to your synthetic challenges.


With direct access to on-site analytical services, EHS expertise, cGMP compliant systems and small scale manufacturing capability we can offer a flexible solution regardless of the quantity you require.


As part of the wider Fine Industries Limited Group we can also support your future production requirements through the development phase and onto commercialisation through multi-kilo onto tonnage quantities in a seamless manner which avoids the need for repeated technology transfer exercises.


Further investment is planned to give Kilo-Lab capability supported by NMR.


For all enquiries, be it for lead candidate searching studies at the gram level, through process development, or to kilo-scale manufacture please use our Enquiry Form.

Contact Information

Fine Organics Limited
Seal Sands
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Our Commitment

- to deliver exceptional CHEMISTRY and exceptional value ensuring a great CUSTOMER experience.